Since almost 10 years, we are helping companies and individuals to improve their services by providing them with solutions based on the latest generation technologies.

Always up-to-date and close to customers to improve the given service from time to time, we offer various solutions that range from the comfort and safety of your home to the functioning and improvement of your company.

We operate throughout Italy, mainly on the "Costa degli Dei" (between Nicotera and Pizzo Calabro, thus including Capo Vaticano, Tropea and Zambrone).

Our services have been provided to date mainly in the towns of Tropea, Ricadi, Zambrone, Parghelia, Pizzo Calabro, Rimini, Riccione, Cattolica, Rome, Bari, Brindisi, San Dona' of the Piave.

Our brief history
AntoPoint, acronym of "Antonio's Point" (Antonio Pontoriero) founder of the IT services company, was born in January 2013 from love and passion for technology.
Initially the company was born as a repair laboratory of computers and smartphones with rapidly growing requests right away.
The first step was already taken at the end of the same year which led to the expansion of the business which became the first in the town of Santa Domenica di Ricadi to add to the service repair also the sale and home assistance, thus entering the world of LAN and wireless networks and security systems.
In 2015 the move to the famous and renowned town of Tropea was the second step towards the growth of the company itself.
Continuous updating in the areas of LAN and wireless networks, video surveillance, alarms and complex computer and server systems led us to increasingly increase our passion for information technology, reinforcing the trusting our already many customers.
in 2018 some events led to the decision to close the store to devote ourselves more and more exclusively to the field of IT assistance, leading us to be specialized today in LAN network structures, optical fiber and wireless, security systems (video surveillance and anti-intrusion), FTTC, FTTH, FWA, LTE, satellite network providers, complex networks of servers, workstations, NAS and PCs, other related services that you will find in the "services" section .
Our qualities have always been customer care and the utmost professionalism in the work which to date have rewarded us with the trust of the customer himself.

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C/da Bagneria, snc

89866 Santa Domenica di Ricadi (VV)

C.F.: PNTNTN88B14L452H

P.IVA: 03282640790

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